Do you want to know who checks and ensure the trees’ structures and aesthetic looks?

It is the arborists.  They are commonly called the “tree doctors” or “tree surgeons”. With that said, arborists are known to understand the physiology of any trees, thus they can work with any type of tree to see its form and growth patterns.

However, those terms don’t usually include everything they can do. Arborists can likewise do tasks related to any type of wood plants like shrubs and bushes.

Now, let’s see what arborist can specifically do.

What are the Capabilities of an Arborist?

An arborist common potentials are the following:

  • Tree Consultation and Reports,
  • Tree Planting and Transplanting,
  • Tree Removal,
  • Stump Removal, Root Removal, and Root Management, and
  • Tree Pruning and Tree Surgery.

Tree Consultation and Report

Tree consultation is done by a registered professional Arborist. They are qualified to inspect, assess trees, and show reports as needed. For reporting, they usually include the health, structure, and any possible hazard caused by the tree.

A tree consultant will work directly with the owner of the tree. Also, they needed to be an insured professional tree consultant because they’ll usually face developers and any higher council related to this job.

Tree Planting, and Transplanting

If you opt to do a tree planting and transplanting, the best way to do it is to hire an arborist. They are the right professionals to ask for advice about the trees you would want to plant and where it should be planted.

In doing this, arborist has the appropriate equipment to plant the tree and making sure as well that the root systems remain healthy.

For planting or transplanting, there is a need to ensure the health of the tree by doing maintenance. This can be done by soil testing and fertilising, in which arborist can do.

You will find related professionals will use an aborist often with their own services. Sean Cannon as a possum removal expert will often require an arborist to trim trees near to the properties rooflines to stop possums from entering the roof.

Tree Removal

The process of tree removal can be a complex one and it’ll depend on the type of trees. A smaller tree can effortlessly be removed, but tall trees need a serious session of removing. With these processes, an arborist is expected to be careful not to damage any property while removing a tree.

Mostly, in tree removal, an arborist will climb on the tree and remove the limbs from the top stroke. Other times they will use a truck hoist but will cost extra cash.

Stump Removal, Root Removal, and Root Management

Stump removal and root removal are two dissimilar procedures. In stump removal, an arborist needs a stump grinder to perform it. Contrary to root removal which only uses the processes of digging and cutting.

The task of an arborist for these two processes is to identify which roots may possibly regenerate and eventually remove them. Root removal is more costly than stump grinding because it’ll require extra work.

On the other hand, root management is another method an arborist will do to avert roots from damaging or checking its foundation.

Tree Pruning or Tree Surgery

It is a responsibility of an arborist to know how to prune branches correctly. In tree pruning, an arborist will remove diseased branches preventing it from damaging a tree. This process will let more light to fall on the grounds which is beneficial for the trees.

In this process, an arborist may also use a truck hoist just like tree removal, but in this case, to remove the dead branch.

How to Choose an Arborist?

Choosing an arborist might be a hard time for you if this is your first time, with that said, I listed all possible qualifications below to check if you’ve found the right arborist.

  1. Make sure an arborist is insured personal accident insurance and public liability insurance.
  2. An arborist should have at least a Certificate II level, Certificate III qualifications, or diploma/graduate in arboriculture.
  3. Check if the arborist belongs to a professional organisation.

You may ask for any quotation from your selected arborist and choose wisely. Consider not only the price but the quality of work they provide.